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Coordination: You’re Not Just Born With It

Many people believe that as we get older we begin to lose our ability to balance.  This may have been the case for previous generations, but I would say they just didn’t practice. Our nervous system is worthy of our attention because it is infinitely trainable.  The different movement systems interact with each other and…

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How I Learned the Importance of Breathing Well

The Life Changing Day As an aspiring young fitness professional in the early 90s, I stumbled across a gentleman named John Douillard from Boulder, CO. He was a presenter at a convention in Copper Mountain and I was fortunate to get some one-on-one time with him.  He took me out to the running track and…

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6 Health Reasons Not to be a Mouth-breather

It turns out that our nose is on our face for more reasons than sneezing, smelling the roses and blowing!  It also gets the job of being our primary breathing apparatus. Here are six reasons to focus on using your nose for most of your breathing.  Hydration– When we take in oxygen through the nose,…

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