4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Working with Us

Are you busy living and want to add life your years?

We at Total Life Concept like to think of ourselves as nice people but we pride ourselves in being kind first and foremost.  There is a difference between kind and nice.  Kindness doesn’t always feel nice.  When you are on the receiving end of kindness it often involves some humbling characteristics that may even sting a little bit.  It takes courage to be kind, it takes humility to listen to kind counsel and it takes maturity to act on and apply it.


We’re looking for a percentage of the population who cares about themselves and are willing to take responsibility for their own health and happiness.  We are looking for people who are aware it is their own behavior that dictates their own life experience. We are looking for some people who may not be completely thrilled with what they have created thus far but are still curious and open to new practices, new perspectives and behaviors that could provide new, sustained abilities for happiness. 


Are You the Type of Person We Want to Work With?

The other day I received the highest compliment from someone who has completed our 12-week program. He said the thing we have to offer is authenticity. I love that.  If there is one thing I would embrace as the label of choice for this company it’s that we are perceived as authentic. I’d rather be authentic than fabulous. I would hope that authenticity, simply translated means we are up to one thing in our mission and that is life improvement


Question 1: 

Which do you prefer:

A truthful interpretation of how your habits of behavior may have affected your life from someone who authentically cares about you, or to hear that none of this is your fault and that there is a treatment or a cure for your ailment?


We’ll take the first person. 


Question 2: 

Which of these would you prefer:

To be given something that makes your problem go away, or to learn behaviors which will insure you never create that problem in the first place?


We’ll take the second person. 


Question 3: 

Would you like to be told that the life you are experiencing now, is the result of certain specific and habitual but changeable behaviors, or that you are just a victim of this evil and uncaring system like the rest of us?


We’ll take the first person. 


Question 4:

Would you like to know the root-behaviors of the dis-ease you created in yourself and the techniques to change the course you are on, or a treatment that enables you to get better so you can just stay the same course you have always been on?


Numero uno.


Want to Know the Power of Lifestyle?

The vast majority of diseases this culture is suffering from are behavioral. That means it is habitual patterns of behavior and choices we make daily that create the environment where dis-ease can thrive. 


In truth there are simple, far-reaching “tweaks” that a proactive individual can learn which create huge resilience, but most of us simply don’t know them or how to effectively add them to daily life. 


If you are someone who hears this and says “how sad!” or “I sure would like to learn how to handle this for myself”. Then Total Life Concept Durango might prove to be your strong ally. 


(We don’t want you to need us)


We are health advocates with 60+years of experience in board certified family medicine and professional fitness-wellness / health promotion. You will experience professional coaching and be held to firm but gentle personal accountability.  This is a powerfully healthful combination that isn’t about the short term fix,  it’s about making changes that will positively impact you for the rest of your life. 


We’ll play big if you will. 


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