4 Signs You Need Help with Your Health Goals

Health goals, we all have them, but very few of us achieve them. While many see this as a sign of failure, the truth is most people require more support to achieve the lasting changes they desire.  Why we fall short of our health goals can vary. One of the main reasons is not recognizing if we are one of the people who need more support. We hope we can help you recognize if you are someone who would benefit from more support.


You start with zest, then fizzle out after a couple of days or weeks.

We have all been here. You get excited about a new wellness program, diet or exercise challenge and can’t wait to get the results that are promised. You are doing great, following it to a T, until one day life happens. Then all of a sudden you look back and notice that original enthusiasm long gone and you are in the same place you were before you started.


Initial motivation is strong, but sometimes it’s extrinsic (which typically doesn’t work for very long) or not actually deep enough to last. This is why it’s helpful to work with a health coach who can help you get in touch with your deeper motivations and how they relate to your values. This in addition to the accountability a health coach offers can keep that initial zest going for much longer.


How our EMPOWER program differs:

By having live classes each week, you are able to keep the program and your health goals a priority. You aren’t alone in this effort as you meet with our entire team each week during these classes. Our past participants have mentioned that having a team that shows up for them makes them want to show up for us in return. Additionally, our program includes 1-on-1 health coaching which also helps you work through kinks that are bound to happen during the change process as well as keep your health goals front and center.


You self-sabotage.

Many programs are a whole life overhaul. This can be exciting as results may appear to happen quickly; however, the changes are often fleeting as the changes required to attain those results happen too quickly, leading to a relapse of old behavior. Sustainable change takes longer, and when life happens (see #1) you feel guilty and self-sabotage in the form of overeating or thinking self-deprecating thoughts. As soon as you slip a little bit, you give up entirely. 


When making changes to your diet, your exercise or building an entirely new habit, there is a lot you must do to prepare. You have to predict what barriers you might encounter and how you can handle them. You also have to adopt a growth mindset, one that allows you to see “failures” as learning moments instead. By being gentle with yourself, you are much more likely to jump back to your plan without the massive back slip. 


How our EMPOWER program differs:

Our program is longer than typical programs and we don’t ask you to eliminate any entire food groups, follow an extreme exercise regime, etc. We want you to take what you learn and implement it in a way that makes sense in your life. We give small action steps each week, which we call playwork, that you can customize to your life. By implementing these manageable actions, it’s hard to fail, and these little successes build your confidence, which inspires you to keep going. You start seeing this as a lifelong journey which includes some hiccups versus a short-term sprint that requires perfection. 


You don’t know if what you’re doing works.

There are a lot of options when it comes to improving your health. But how do you know if it works? Unfortunately, a lot of programs tackle health from one, maybe two, directions, and many are not scientifically backed, but rather go off one person’s individual success. See, we are bioindividual, which means what works for one person may not work for you.


This is why you want to look for programs that are customizable, focus on helping you listen to your body and are run by reliable and knowledgeable sources. This is how you ensure what you’re doing is helping you.


How our EMPOWER program differs:

Our EMPOWER Program is not only backed by science around nutrition, behavior change and exercise science but is also guided by a team of 60+ years of collective experience. You are guided by a physician who focuses on preventative and lifestyle medicine and has a background in biochemistry and microbiology-the backbone of nutrition science. Additionally, in your corner is Chris, our master fitness trainer, who has created a foolproof fitness program that focuses on functional training for life that leads to a pain-free existence. His approach ensures safe and effective workouts. Lastly, we teach you how to trust yourself through coaching. We help you build a trust  in what your body is telling you. Your body will let you know what works, but you have to learn to listen to it first. Once you achieve an understanding  of your body talk, you will be even clearer on what works and what doesn’t.



You are plateauing. 

You’ve nailed down certain elements of wellness but for some reason aren’t getting the results you desire. We love the quote ”If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got.” This is a sign to look at some of your other habits because your wellness puzzle isn’t complete.


Variety is incredibly important as is tackling health from all angles. Focusing purely on exercise does not make you a healthy person. Eating the perfect diet does not make you a healthy person. A healthy person is healthy in their mind, body and spirit.



How our EMPOWER program differs: 

We include food, focus AND fitness in our program. While you might have your fitness routine down, you may struggle with stress which leads to a  stalling of your health goals. During our program we teach you about all three aspects and work with you to integrate all three so that you have a well-rounded approach to your health. This can tie together all the different approaches you are using OR help you get past your plateau. All three pillars are necessary for optimal health.


If you have any of these signs, we can help you! Consider  starting a membership with us and we will show you how extra support can make all the difference.   Schedule a FREE 30-minute exploration    call here.