Total Life Concept's Approach to Fitness

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"Whether you are new to fitness, recovering from a past injury or a seasoned athlete, this program is for you."

-Chris Grotefend, TLC Master Trainer


Existing without pain shouldn't be an anomaly, however, the fitness industry has a lot of ways that lead to more pain, imbalances and injury.


But that's not true here at Total Life Concept.


Our 5 Phase Fitness program is all about functional fitness and being able to do what you love, pain-free and with confidence. 


The Breakdown

Total Life Concept's well rounded approach optimally prepares you for anything life throws your way.   Phases are each constructed to enhance the previous phase. Each phase addresses different movement characteristics with gradual increases in the complexity of the movement from phase to phase.

Once you get through the “5 Phases,” you will have an incredible repertoire of movement knowledge and maintaining what you've built will be easier than ever before. This is an effective insurance policy against a failing body.

5 Phases

8 Weeks Per Phase

40 Weeks for Program Completion 

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