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Insomnia: What is Sleep Anyways?

As a physician, I get asked frequently about insomnia.  I also get to see what happens as a result of sleep deprivation and the multitude of opportunities for suffering that accompany this increasing problem.  Many resources are available for attempting to find the cause of why you are having trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep.…

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The Art of Weight Loss: How I Took a “Load Off”

As I got to the top of one of my favorite mountain bike rides here in Colorado, I realized how much my weight loss had increased my joy of riding.  I felt so much lighter and could take the hairpin, tight, up-winding curves with grace and ease. These same twists and turns had been so…

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What If Suffering Didn’t Have to Happen?

Pain.  We have all experienced it. Pain is not the same as suffering.  Suffering requires a story. Without a story, pain is simply a sensation that is occurring. Suffering is optional. What does pain have to do with focus? Although pain may be inescapable (when you step on a tack, it is supposed to hurt…),…

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