How You Eat Can Help Save the World

It’s time to start looking inward for solutions to solve our environmental issues. You have the power to make a change not only in your body but also in the environment. The best part about this is that eating well can also be good for the environment so you’re killing two birds with one stone…

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4 Ways Cardio Does More For You Than You Might Think

There are so many conflicting things we hear daily about health and fitness. In the next few articles, I will attempt to clarify the what’s, the why’s and the how much, for you in your personal quest for optimum exercise prescription and creating the life experience you choose.   Myth 1: WEIGHT LOSS. We do…

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Why Running Isn’t Making You Lose Weight

What if doing cardio was not actually the best way to lose weight? Did you know that each and every one of us, regardless of size has a sufficient amount of kilocalories, stored as fat to fuel a walk from coast to coast, and back again? Even the skinniest person you know would probably have…

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