Crowding Out Dramatically Outshines Deprivation

At Total Life Concept we will not ask that you deprive yourself of anything, we operate according to a philosophy that is more efficient and effective than this obsolete, old and ineffective way things have been done before.  


“Crowding Out” is a methodology that works really well for someone like me.  I don’t like being told I shouldn’t or can’t do something.  I find I am much more open to hearing something tell me what  I CAN do like,  “This is a wholesome discipline which, when you attentively apply it daily, will effectively overwhelm, and cancel out old patterns, habits and behaviors which don’t serve you any more.”  


Einstein said, “We can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness in which the problem was created.”  Old and used up methodologies which never really worked in the first place need to be disrupted and replaced by wholesome disciplines well utilized and put into place by you. 


By participating in our 4-week “Get It’ and 12-week ‘Rock It’ programs at TLC you will be taught wholesome disciplines involving food wisdom,  a calm and alert ability to maintain mental focus and functional and practical movement patterns all of which will make logical sense to you. For one, it will all be very well explained and through playwork and support we will keep you engaged and held accountable.  We will help you see to it that you follow through and enjoy the success that comes from applied wholesome habits. 


Once “grocked” (this means you’ve mastered it) which we help you do through our memberships and punch passes, you will have a skillset which keeps you resilient, pain free, clear and confident in your abilities to meet what comes into your life. 


Do you find yourself saying this is precisely what I’m looking for! ?


We are seeking this type of person! To be honest, we are very uninterested in anybody who shows us that we are more interested in their health than they are!  We’re very tired of this actually. By the time you have completed the program we will be speaking the same language and together we will not just survive this world but will have achieved skills and habits to continuously thrive in it. 


Our medically supervised team of professionals will give you an awesome set of tools you can wield in your own way on your own terms.  We do it this way because it’s the way we’d all personally like to be treated. We have shown this method to many people like you who have great personal stories of their own successes to share.  The three of us sincerely practice everything we preach and all have stories of our own as testimonial to the reality of the program as well.   This is no “sit-n-git” program.   You will be the author of your own success, you will just have the benefit of some simple, yet fantastic resources that will produce results. 


If you’re interested in exploring the first step, check out the details of our “Get It” program here.