Establish a new normal with your health in mind



Total Life Concept EMPOWER Program-Building Resilience during COVID-19

Proven tools to boost your immune system and an approach that makes them stick.


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Your routine has changed drastically. Our program can help you create a new normal.

Building up your immune system makes you more prepared to fight off viruses like COVID-19.

It's hard to get motivated alone.

During a time of such isolation we need more support than ever. We want to be that for you.

You have more free time. Why not start investing in yourself?

Our program is live so you can get supportive human interaction during social distancing.



Food, focus and fitness work together for lasting metabolic, physical and mental changes

It doesn't take a lot either. Adding a few daily practices into your life can lead to drastic and LASTING change.

Habit change is an adventure

You will shift your perspective from solely on the end goal to a focus on the joy of the journey.

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Change happens when you participate

The more work you put in and more you share with us, the more you will get out this program.

We inherited these bodies from ancestors that lived in an entirely different environment

By applying the daily tools of food, focus and fitness you will learn how to thrive in our new jungle.


Add the right stuff in to naturally crowd out the bad

Turns out eliminating the "bad" doesn't work long term. Focus on what to add and lasting change will follow.


Soma Ski

Dr. Soma Grotefend, MD

Wellness Physician

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Background in biochemistry and microbiology

30+ years of experience

"I will teach you how to hear your own body and what it needs to heal and maintain health. My own health problems around type 2 diabetes brought me back to biochemistry and microbiology- the basis of true nutrition. It gave me the ability to take a closer look at the root causes of disease which has become the foundation of THIS program. Beyond food as medicine, movement and our relationship with our mind are also key players in optimal wellness and resilience. What we eat, how we move our body, and our relationship with our mind end up being beautiful partners on the path of sustainable lifestyle changes."

Chris Hike

Chris Grotefend

Certified Master Trainer

Bachelor of Science in Fitness, Wellness and Health Promotion

30+ years of experience

"My role is teaching you the tools of moving your body through space so that your body isn’t a barrier to doing the things you love. When I was younger I experienced a lot of anxiety and depression and I learned to manage it through exercise. This alone wasn’t ideal. I recognized over time it’s a very important piece but not the whole enchilada. When I experienced a new relationship with my mind and food, I noticed there was more to the picture. Taking my own health into my own hands really came to life when I recognized that there was a necessity to eat right and meditate."


Lauren Hoogs

Certified Health Coach

Certified Group Fitness Instructor

"My role is to inspire change from within by uncovering your own goals, motivations and action steps to help create sustainable change that works for you while supporting and holding you accountable. My passion for what we do comes from a history of chronic joint pain and health problems in my late teens and early 20s. Although I considered myself health conscious, I  found myself with these symptoms and a whole lot of confusion on what to do. I got to the point with food sensitivities where I felt like I couldn't eat anything. By adding the tools that TLC teaches in this very program along with practices I have built on top of that, I was able to overcome my health concerns and return to optimum health."

What is Included?


8 LIVE 30-45 minute educational classes Mondays and Wednesdays @ 1 PM 

8 LIVE workouts on   Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 8:30-9 AM 

4 LIVE group coaching calls each   Friday @ 5-6 PM

Fun downloadable resources to strengthen your knowledge of food, focus and fitness

4 LIVE group meditation meetups on   Wednesdays @ 7-8 PM

Weekly action steps to develop habit formation based off each class

Access to exclusive Facebook page to connect with the TLC team and other participants

Online portal to keep track of progress and access all content

*Educational and fitness classes will be recorded for you to watch back if you can't make it live.*

*All times in MST*

I have limited time. What should I focus on?

Prioritize the educational classes and weekly actions steps. Everything listed above is included as a way to support you in your learning. 

COST: Donation or Pay it Forward

We recognize the financial insecurity many of us are going through and we don't want that to a barrier to you becoming a healthier person.  This program is donation-based and if you cannot afford a donation please pay it forward in some other way to give back to your community.

*Program is normally $599. Our recommended donation is $150.*

Space is limited!

We are beyond excited to be there for you during this pandemic. It's a challenging time, but we know that using these tools will transform your daily experience, build up your immunity to fight off viruses, and create a new normal during a time when a little routine and self care go a long way.


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