Genetics Don’t Dictate Aging. Your Lifestyle Does.

I was speaking with an ‘elderly’ woman, who to me is very obviously NOT conforming to current standards of aging. I was struck by an explanation of aging that this amazingly vital woman gave me, including pictures that depict young people as standing up straight, middle-aged people with shoulders rounding forward, and elderly people just plain hunched over, looking decrepit. She had been brought up seeing this inaccurate perspective. She was appalled and didn’t believe it. She went on to say it was as if we were being led to believe that as we age, we devolve from Homo Sapien back to Neanderthal. She remarked to me that this has not been her experience and I agreed with her.


I can say without hesitation that I can recognize the elderly folks who believe in this inaccurate, belief system. I can also say that I look around Durango and observe that many so-called ‘elderly’ people simply do not buy into this belief system; their abilities and relative posture very obviously prove that they make different lifestyle choices. The fact is, turning decrepit is behavior based. Feeble, elderly people simply do not move very much. The hunched-over posture is a reflection of long periods of time spent sitting in just that position.


The general adaptation syndrome states that the body responds to its demands. The body becomes a mirror image of the environment it experiences. We have arms and legs, hips and shoulders. They are here for the purpose of locomotion, not sitting in a chair. Your beliefs also reflect upon your person.


There is an amazing molecular biologist named Bruce Lipton who has experimented with stem cell research since the ’60s. One of his great observations was that he could take two identical stem cells and place them in different environments and each stem cell would express itself based on the environment in which it was placed. A stem cell in an audience with lung tissue became lung tissue. The identical stem cell in an audience with muscle cells became muscle cells.


Meanwhile, the latest I’m hearing is that our bodies are composed of 150 trillion cells!


What if there is some truth to the observation that the environment we choose for ourselves is directly correlated with our personal experience? I’d say that it makes us powerful creators. We should choose well! If we sit around, watching tv and listening to bad news every night, what will that create?


It has also been shown that 85% of our 150 trillion cells completely regenerate about every eight weeks. By this logic, do we not have the ability to recreate 85% of ourselves in eight weeks simply by choosing a slightly different environment, choosing a new perspective or practicing a new behavior?


Place yourself in a specific new environment. Notice whether or not your experience becomes a mirror image of it. Notice I used the word “experience.” You can’t just think your way into this one; you have to actually do it.


With this, have you ever considered exactly what your highest desire is? What is the experience you most wish to attain? If our hypothesis holds true, it might be important for you to choose an optimum environment in which to place your stem cells and thus yourself. So I recommend spending a little time deciding what it is you want. Many people choose a stable experience of peace and joy. Some seek objects or prestige, but ultimately what they believe those things will produce is an experience of lasting peace and joy. If you do what you’ve always done, you get the results you’ve always gotten.

Admittedly, we are largely creatures of habit. Many of us are quite simply unaware that there is potential for something better because we have always felt this way and had this life experience. We don’t really have anything else to subjectively compare because this is what we are used to. We have always done this and gotten these results which have become the sum and substance of our perspective. We said earlier what we perceive becomes our experience. Simply because you believe your experience is the sum and substance of who you are, can you honestly say that you have made only the best choices up until now?


Most of us view ourselves through a belief system that quantifies us as a container. We are what we are. This viewpoint is what constitutes our identity. Many people believe themselves to be the sum and substance of the past contained in this vessel called “Me.” In reality, when we take into account that 85% of what we are completely regenerates every eight weeks, we could be 85% different in eight weeks, much more like a funnel than a container. Now pretend you are a funnel. Everything would just pass right through you. That’s not to say you wouldn’t experience your life.  Rather, like a funnel, what is coming through right now is all that ever really exists and then it’s gone.


This is Einstein in action, folks. He stated the problems cannot be solved from the same perspective from which they were created. Change the perspective and belief that you were ever a container. Recognize that you are actually WAY more like a funnel, meaning ‘you’ are never any more than what is “just passing through” right now. We are all basically suspended in this eternal moment, observing what passes us by. (While we are at it, we should make sure to enjoy ourselves!) If you simply adopt this perspective, you begin actively solving problems because you will be operating from a new level of consciousness, and this is in direct lineage with Einstein…smart guy.


So what does changing our viewpoint have to do with growing older and the aging process? Many people believe themselves to be just like their parents, getting back to the ideas about identity, containers, and funnels.  The identity that we have collectively created about aging is just an identity. When we live like funnels there is no room for identities. The world is constantly flowing through us. We learn acceptance and surrender to this stream that is so obviously not of our making.  We learn to be conscious observers, we stop taking things personally and seriously, and as a result, we just don’t grow old! We learn to live so much in the moment, without looking forward or backward, just alert to the flow, that we actually experience a joyful, peaceful experience and life does not ‘age’ us.


This is exactly what I observed this wonderful woman manifesting in herself. She is one of those people who always seem fascinated with something new. She never stops moving and recognizes that something like participating in a fitness class will help her keep her saw sharp so she can execute whatever comes her way whenever the time comes. She has always been a funnel. She has always been a creator. You can’t be a victim when you are a creator! That is, unless you decide to live your life with a victim mentality! Many of us have, and you can’t blame us for it; we have been led to believe that as we get old, our body falls apart and withers away. This simply is not the case for this woman.


What you focus on grows. We are such unbelievable creators, many of us don’t realize that our patterns of thinking are giving us exactly what we’re asking for! The patterns are unconscious. In order to overcome these patterns, we must first become conscious of the unconscious ones. There is a belief that our bodies fall apart, so we believe that this will just happen to us “naturally.” Actually, the behavior that is causing our bodies to “fall apart” is sitting on our ass all of the time, not exercising, watching the BAD news and eating crap food. The perspective change is from reactivity to proactivity. Instead of focusing on a belief, we focus on what we can do to take what we have right here and make it better!  It’s the way we perceive things that make us what they will be. If our perspective is that we are victims to a belief, then 150 trillion cells will become just that. If we have the perspective that we are creators, then we should GET ON WITH IT!




Your choice.


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