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An introduction to Total Life Concept and a new approach to healthcare and habit change that brings food, focus and fitness together.

You Will Gain

Starting point for achieving pain-free movement

An introduction to tools that increase your metabolism, leading to lasting weight loss and healthier weight management

The possibility of treating health concerns with less reliance on medication

Introduction to important health topics like the gut biome, sugar, fat, fiber and living foods and stress-free fitness

Meditation tool that will help with stress relief and sleep

An experience working with a collaborative health care team made up of a MD, fitness trainer, health coach and meditation teachers 

An affordable beginning for your health journey, that starts you on the road to a lifetime set of practices in the areas of your food, focus and fitness.

Program Details

  • 4 weeks long
  • Virtual
  • 4 educational classes
  • 3 fitness classes
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • Downloadable handouts
  • Participate for $49 which will roll 100% into future programs with us

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Crowding Out Dramatically Outshines Deprivation

By Chris Grotefend | June 16, 2020

At Total Life Concept we will not ask that you deprive yourself of anything, we operate according to a philosophy that is more efficient and effective than this obsolete, old and ineffective way things have been done before.     “Crowding Out” is a methodology that works really well for someone like me.  I don’t like…

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Habit Change is an Adventure Not a Destination

By Lauren Hoogs | June 10, 2020

Let’s go on an adventure. Let’s call this adventure “Your Path to Optimal Wellness.” This isn’t a vacation- where you know exactly the dates you’ll get there, how you’ll get there and what you’ll do once you get there. No, this is an ADVENTURE. A journey where it’s going to take some navigating, time, growth…

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How Long It Actually Takes to Change a Habit

By Lauren Hoogs | May 12, 2020

Let’s get real here.   What if we told you that it’s no fault of your own that you’ve failed past diets, exercise programs, and health goals?  Well, it’s time we are honest about how long it takes to lose 10 pounds, change to a plant-based diet, cut the soda habit, or [insert your pesky…

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