Habit Change is an Adventure Not a Destination

Let’s go on an adventure. Let’s call this adventure “Your Path to Optimal Wellness.” This isn’t a vacation- where you know exactly the dates you’ll get there, how you’ll get there and what you’ll do once you get there. No, this is an ADVENTURE. A journey where it’s going to take some navigating, time, growth and patience to get to your “end destination.” It’s not some beaten path that makes it easy, but rather a test of your strength, grit and commitment as you get lost, found, lost and found again. You may not have all the skills or equipment you need for this journey, but you can collect those as you go. So let’s get ready for the adventure, shall we? 

Prepare for Your Adventure

First, you need to prepare for your adventure. You need to have a general idea of where you’d like to go and what it would take to get there-your wellness vision. This is also the time where learning the tools and getting the education you need to succeed in your journey come in (hint hint-our programs are great for this). 


Next, you need to pack your bag. We don’t know the weather and we don’t know the terrain. Just like in life, barriers, challenges and derailments can and WILL happen. Might as well accept that now so you aren’t disappointed when it storms one day and sets you back on your initial itinerary. You may not know when or how hard it will storm, but you can be prepared with a raincoat and shelter so you can minimize the risk of quitting your journey all together. You will need different things at different points in your journey. At times you may need to travel slower because the terrain is rough. At times you may need to change what you’re eating to adapt for the different seasons of your adventure. But being prepared for challenges can make the difference between disaster and building resilience in the face of adversity. 

While on Your Adventure

Learn to enjoy the journey. Just as you would smell the flowers, admire the tree or sit by the river on a hike, start to make this fun and appreciative. We don’t really know when you’ll get to your final destination, but you can at least enjoy trying new foods, moving your body in new ways, experiencing the benefits of just doing the right thing for your health as you go. There are things to enjoy along the way, not just the view from the top. A great way to be miserable is to wish you were already at your end point when you’re MILES away. What a way to zap your energy and confidence in being able to get there. If you learn to appreciate where you are now, that you’re doing the best you can to get to where you want to be, then you can build the strength to keep going.


This adventure is not a straight line. You will have cruisy paths, challenging mountain paths , and you will definitely get lost. You can either freak out and call search and rescue to quit your journey OR you can reroute and find your way back to the path. Expect to get lost; that’s part of the adventure. Just make sure you have your compass (something to realign you) to guide you back. The most important thing is that when you get lost, you learn from that so you don’t make the same mistake again. Learn a new skill, identify a new strength or understand a weakness so you can be better prepared for the next “misstep.” When you get lost, really analyze your surroundings, check out your resources and see what you need to find your way back to the path. It’s part of the adventure to get lost because you might just find a treasure when that happens and in the end you realize you weren’t ever lost.  


Start small. You are going to need to build up your strength. Just as you would need to start with fewer miles at the beginning of your adventure, you will want to start with small and manageable action steps for your habit change. As you build that quad muscle, you can go further in a shorter amount of time. But nothing will burn you out and keep you from getting to where you want to be more than by sprinting for the first few miles. 

Once You Arrive

When you get to your destination, you’ll love it and want to stay, but you will want to explore the surrounding area to make sure you have the best spot, and at this point you will love exploring. You’ll have to create  a place where you can maintain life (your lifestyle)–you’ll have to collect supplies for shelter, hunt for food, etc. This will also not go as planned, but you were resourceful in getting here. Don’t forget your past successes, how capable you are and how confident you can be. These tools that got you here will help you stay in this beautiful destination and keep improving  each and every day. 


Lastly, don’t travel alone. Mostly because that’s no fun but also because support is everything. You must tell people where you are going. Share your goals, aspirations and wellness vision.  It is so much better to have people with you along the journey to encourage you to go the extra mile, keep you company or guide you back in the right direction when you get lost. You can bring your partner, your kids, your friends, your coworkers and the Total Life Concept team. They can all serve in different roles and as different resources. In the end, surrounding yourself with people on similar adventures helps you get to the place you want to go. 


This is the adventure of habit change. Let’s get to exploring! 


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