Life then Liberty Within the Pursuit of Happiness


Our Declaration of Independence talks about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we all share in this country.  Our most recent generations have been shown by our elders the benefit and the necessity to protect our Liberty at all costs. It appears to me today that many of us are very eager to declare our own rights and exercise our own individual freedoms.


But what is currently happening in the world with this pandemic is about so much more than just individual liberties. 


I would like to emphasize that our founding fathers actually put the right to Life first on their list and probably meant for these freedoms to be understood in this order.


What do you think about that?


To me it means that first and foremost we all share the right to life and to stay alive. That’s an easy one. That’s primary. 



Once that is in place we get the privilege to move on to liberty.  The question becomes, where do an individual’s rights intersect with another individual’s rights? The answer is when loss of Life is involved. If we take the face value of how Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness was phrased can you see that when there is loss of life,  individual liberty is no longer a right?  Liberty, in this context comes into play only when it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s survival.  It’s called mutual respect and it is how we can live together in harmony. 


Do you think today’s society as a whole is mature enough to behave according to what is stated in the now 244-year-old Declaration of Independence?


Can we all still hold these “Truths to be Self Evident”?


“Three unalienable rights, which (the declaration says) have been given to all humans by their creator and which governments are created to protect.”


Is this your current experience of how we and our government are behaving?


Yes? No? How can we change that?


The measures being taken world-wide are in the interest of protecting life. When you wear a mask you protect your life AND equally important you protect the lives of those around you so they don’t become infected by you. It’s a gesture of mutual respect for others showing you care about yours as well as the wellbeing of others. You can be at ease knowing you are doing your part simply by wearing a mask in public. 


Washing your hands is primarily for you because this virus is a throat eater and you touch your eyes, nose and mouth all the time. That’s where the virus enters your system. You touch a lot of things with your hands. Wash your hands often. 


The Pursuit of Happiness

Let’s move on with the pursuit of happiness now.  Many people fall into the judgement trap, play the blame game and justify the cause of their personal unhappiness to be based on external factors.  Big mistake.  Happiness is always an inside game.  Happiness is always available to us regardless of external circumstances. You’ll need to ratify this based on your own personal evolution with happiness. Whether you like it or not, you’ll discover that no one else has any jurisdiction over your personal happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a skill that can only be honed by you practicing mental gymnastics.  It turns out that ‘happiness’ occurs when you stay alert, calm and attentive to now. 


 I’ll now go out on a limb here and say a steady meditation practice is essential for sustained happiness.  It involves burning in new neurological pathways that can only happen once you have formed the habit of practicing something that isn’t allowing unconscious thought streams to just run unchecked.  We all do this until we learn we are more than just thought streams. 


Did you know that it is impossible to be happy while simultaneously caught up in a thought stream? (Play with that one!)


Meditating involves repeating a conscientious choice for a centering thought. This acts as a portal to alert attentiveness of the current moment that you learn can be maintained as a state of awareness. Once you know that you have the ability to remain attentive to something that isn’t just a continuous thought stream, you’ll discover this is where happiness abides. 


It takes practice. 


While there are numerous meditation techniques the previous is an explanation of my experience utilizing a functional meditation technique. It is the way I have personally practiced for years in my own process and how I have come to terms with this perspective on happiness. 


There are no victims and through the process learning this you will become the creator of ongoing happiness in your life experience. 


Life doesn’t bring you happiness.  You bring happiness to life. Acquire the skill of meditation and wash your hands, for your own wellbeing. 


Wear a mask.  It’s doing your part for the wellbeing of the collective of which you are part.