Meal Planning

Want to know how to meal plan on your own?


Those who eat more at home tend to be healthier.

Meal planning and food prep is key to eating better, however, there is a huge convenience barrier many people face.

You might find yourself tired, unmotivated or out of time during your week leading you to eat out or reach for convenience meals that rarely support your health goals.

There are strategies to use to simplify this process and increase your chances of success of home cooking. Meet with our health coach to walk through the steps so you can feel empowered to take on meal planning in the future.

75-Minute Session Includes

1-on-1 support and guidance from our health coach

Meal planning and food prep handout with tips and tricks

Meal plan assessment 

Blank meal plan template and shopping list

Customized TLC-approved recipe book

Follow-up support 

Want us to do it for you?

 We offer TLC-approved meal plans to help you get into the kitchen, cook nourishing food, and enjoy a meal with your loved ones without the stress that typically comes with cooking. These can be customized to your preferences and health conditions*. 


  • Delivered to your email each week
  • Categorized shopping list
  • Detailed and simple recipes to download or print
  • Includes 3 dinner, 2 lunch, 2 breakfast and 1 dessert recipe
  • $20/week

*Customized or doctor-curated menus have additional cost.*