"This is a protocol to follow, the by-products of which are unique to you. Put the tools we teach you into play and health will be a foundation of all you do. This isn’t a pill that makes your symptoms hide. This is true healing. You will learn about tools and practice them to achieve your unique goals. What we are offering is simple, but not necessarily easy. But we promise it will be worth it." -Dr. Soma Grotefend, MD



Rock It Program Details

Have you been busy for the last few decades raising your family, progressing in your career, and just doing life? Have you recently noticed your body is slowing down? That maybe you forgot about your health for a while. Perhaps you realize that you are about to have a lot more free time, but where's your energy? Join us for our 12-week EMPOWER Rock It program to switch the script, revitalize and get yourself ready for your next chapter of life! What you'll receive:

  • The gateway to a vibrant next stage of life
  • Actionable and small steps to get you over the hump of major life overhaul 
  • Tools to improve energy and experience pain-free life


  • November 4, 2020-Februrary 3, 2020 (No classes the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Zoom class times are Wednesdays from 4:30 - 5:45 PM (MST)-also recorded

Rock It Program

With Total Life Concept you will gain confidence in your ability to make healthy choices on your own. Instead of creating a dependency on us to maintain health, we equip you with the ability to do it yourself. With our expert advice we will educate you on the truths around nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. We will help you adopt a mindset that clears the clutter of everything else by helping you develop the ability to hear your body and understand how your body works in accordance with the laws of nature.







Multiple payment options. Access to all. 

This is an investment. This pays off two-fold. You will spend less on medical expenses and more on your quality of life. Freeing up time spent at doctors offices, feeling sick and tired and getting to spend more time doing things you enjoy. That's priceless.


  • 60-minute 1-on-1 onboarding session
  • 12 60-minute TLC classes
  • Unlimited access to video library
  • Available live-streaming classes through video conferencing so you don't have to leave home
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute coaching check-ins
  • Online profile to keep track of progress
  • Access to us 1-on-1 via phone, Zoom, or in-person
  • Blood work review with Dr. Soma to conclude the program
  • Weekly playwork and tracker
  • Downloadable Handouts

*We have payment plans too!*

Rock It Program Testimonials

"A very supportive, all-encompassing program that encourages growth and refinement of positive practices regarding overall health."

-Anne Webster, Rock It Program Participant February 2019

Rock It Program Testimonials

"I cannot remember a time when I've had three knowledgeable people consulting with each other about my experiences and what's going on with my health. My main complaint about western medicine is how separate and rushed it is. I  felt very listened to and heard during the program and felt they took the time to discuss me and that was HUGE because I've never experienced that before in any medical or wellness situation."

-Nancy C., Rock It Program Participant July 2019

Rock It Program Testimonials

"I  appreciated that when someone didn't do all their playwork, that it was still acknowledged as  a step in the right direction. This program is not about guilt or not doing things."

-Steve H., Rock It Program Participant July 2019

Rock It Program Testimonials

"Everything I've done for my health in the past has focused on just one of the three pillars (just diet or just fitness), but hasn't incorporated much of the mental aspect. Getting them combined was key. Most people don't approach it that way and that's true value of this program. As a result, everything has been boosted. My time is spent working smarter not harder. Working less but getting more done. Life is much less stressful and I have more chances to do the things I really want to do like play music, build things, and go for rides."

-Guy E., Rock It Program Participant July 2019

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