Are you feeling overwhelmed because you  want to do what's right but just don't know what that is? We are here to take the guesswork out of it.   Through your individual experience, we will help you develop a basic understanding of what your own body needs to be healthy. We believe in a preventative approach to healthcare. We are here to give you the tools to achieve a healthy foundation and your participation will determine your success. Are you ready to not only understand but experience true wellness?



Complete our Foundation for Healthy Living Program.

We require all TLC members to go through our foundation program to develop a certain level of understanding of our practices, gain a basic toolbox and have reliable information around food, focus and fitness. We also use this program to dictate if you are ready to be our client. Our clients are invested in and dedicated to their own well-being.


Pick a membership level.

Blue Membership

For people who need minimal support and want to continue to be part of the TLC community.

Green Membership

For people who are ready to play an active role in their health and want an integrated team to guide them.

Yellow Membership

For people with more serious health concerns that want to manage and even reverse their conditions through lifestyle change.

All services are available a-la-carte. Looking for a package deal? Email us and we will put together something just right for you.


Get busy living.

Our goal is to get you to a point where you don't need us anymore. Where your health concerns no longer consume your thoughts, time and money.  A place when you feel confident in your ability to be your own health practitioner. You are confident in your ability to continue tweaking and building your healthy lifestyle by listening to what your body is telling you and understanding what it's saying.


Looking for something else? Get our services a-la-carte!