Warning: I’m Being Completely Blunt in This One

I recently heard a horrifying statistic about this country.  Twelve percent of the population of this country is considered healthy right now.  Health is not a priority among our people.  If that doesn’t become completely obvious by seeing this statistic then nothing will.  Eighty-eight percent of our people.  Unhealthy.  Look around.  It’s obvious.   Is it any wonder why this country is leading the death rate from COVID? 


No bueno. 


Health is a personal responsibility. Resilience is something you personally create. We’re surrounded by people who don’t even care to take care of themselves even to the point of being considered healthy, much less thriving.


(To be clear, having money does not constitute thriving.)


Is it any wonder why we are failing so miserably as a country? 


Go look in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes. Now look at your body.  Is there anything you would change?


Get after it because what you actually see in the mirror right now is the one thing in the world you always have all access to personally affect and change right now.  


Do us all a favor and before you complain about how the world should change, get your own s#$t together.


Back to the mirror. 


Don’t like what you see? 


Fix it! Now. 


You see,  I have every right to be frustrated and every right to speak on this because I actually can stand in the mirror and look myself in the eye and in the body, and appreciate what I’ve done.  I’m certain there are others reading this who could feel justified saying this as well. It’s because a long time ago I took responsibility for myself to find out how to do that, and did. 


(I had help).   


Can’t look yourself in the eye?  You can fix that too. It’s up to you. There is this thing called the prison of past conditioning. I tackled that one for myself too. I learned to hold to a perspective that doesn’t involve any belief that I’m anywhere near any supposed prison. (I had help with that too).


Want to know how?


  1. Google the 100 benefits of exercise. 
  2. Now Google the 100 benefits of meditation. 


Yes, there are 100 benefits of both. 


One more thing.  

  1. Now imagine if you knew exactly what you should eat.  Not just stuff that tastes good and satisfies your head, but actual nourishment that supports the trillions of cells in your body. (Which you should care for because it takes care of you.)


There would be more than 100 benefits to knowing and practicing that too. 


Now turn on the TV.


 (Warning do not make tv wayching a common practice) 


While you do this little experiment, remain vigilant without letting the TV transport you away from your body and into tv land). Within minutes you will no doubt see a commercial that advertises a pharmaceutical drug.  


That’s a pill. 


You don’t need a pill. 


There will be seemingly happy actors and maybe a puppy at the beginning of the commercial.  The second two-thirds of the commercial will be the pharmaceutical company apologizing for the many side effects you will encounter when you take… (first you have to get a prescription and pay for the pleasure of these side effects) this pill. 


Question: Which do you prefer?  Three-hundred benefits or a single claim to a potential benefit followed by an apology about the side effects you will experience when you pay for and take said pill?


The funny thing is I’m not even embellishing.


You have a brain. 

Help is here.


Hint: Number of drugs I’m on. Zero

Number of supplements I take.  Zero. 


Ready for help? Set up a free exploration session with our health coach, Lauren. I promise she won’t talk to you like how I wrote this article. 


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